Fantoo is a team of innovators and entrepreneurs that passionately create solutions that simply eliminate business friction.

The Fantoo team
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Our Vision

Empower people to absorb and action important information to accelerate their desired outcome.

The Fantoo team is focused on building beautiful functional products that solve entrenched business problems with simplicity. Tackling an issue we all face daily: determining the information that is important to our business and the actions needed to support our customers.

Fantoo leverages AI to help users make smarter and more responsive decisions in their day to maximise workflow and focus on the tasks that drive business.

We turn your information into actions that help your deliver excellent service to your customers. We remove the unproductive email loop from your day into tasks that you now have time to complete for your business.

Fantoo was founded in 2012 by Entrepreneur Jordan Fantaay. From the outset, the company has attracted some of the UK's leading software executives who make up the experienced and well-rounded team.

The company has won numerous awards and was handpicked by Michael Dell as Dell’s first global start-up in residence. The company is headquartered in London and is privately funded by a number of Global family offices.

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Jordan Fantaay

Our founder Jordan Fantaay is devoted to innovation.

“We understand innovation is critical in business. Finding new and better ways to get things done is what counts to our customers. Fantoo gets business done.”

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Fantoo was named a Gartner
Cool Vendor of 2017.

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Fantoo were hand picked by Michael Dell as Dell’s first global start-up in residence.