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Imagine a solution

Where your emails and communications drive your business, where you never miss an action and you feel in control of your day. Fantoo empowers your business to turn information into actions.

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A Message Centre combining all your emails and social feeds that helps you triage your communications into actions

Fantoo helps you connect with the most important people to your business. We focus your messages to the relevant information so you can get more done. We then help you triage your messages into the actions that drive your business.

So you now know the tasks you have for your day.

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Fantoo drives your productivity by focusing your time on the actions that accelerate business

Stuck in your email inbox all day? Our action orientated solution helps you clear the clutter and complete the tasks that make a difference.

We help you understand the tasks you have, how long they are likely to take and then when you can complete them.

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Tasks become actions

Streamline your day knowing what is important and having clarity of your day. Have you noticed how much time you spend looking at your email trying to find the next customer win?

We believe that email helps us communicate with customers but it’s our actions that seal the business. Excite your customers with actions rather than words.

Customer Comments

Mark Deakin avatar

Mark Deakin

Platform Evangelist, Microsoft

“Fantoo is a great example of one of the partners that is very progressive, they’re leading the way into those big platforms all our SMB’s are using.”
Todd O'Brien avatar

Todd O’Brien

Managing Director, Dell Statistica

"Not only is Fantoo a great team, they have an incredible product that I think will change the face of email."